Storks an Rabbit - Birthday present



It is the 5th of August. Early in the morning of my Birthday I took my Camera and my best friend to photograph the storks on the fields near the river. 

Here the storks sleep all the time when they are in

our region. 


After our arrival we took position under a big tree far behind the grass on the field. We watched at the storks and took some single shots.




Soon the second stork arrives and we could take pictures of both in one picture.

It looks like the Birds didn't mind about us.

Just at the edge of my vision I recognized a little move an as an reflexion I took 20 shots in a row. While shooting I sent a little pray to the sky, that my Autofocus would work!


After that I checked the pictures I took on my camera... I was so suprised and happy about what I saw!

I couldn't believe that I captured a rabbit beside the stork. The rabbit had something to eat in his mouth. So awesome!


For me, the title of this picture is "Day 'n' Night". It seems that one of the both is going to bed, while the other one is just for a few minutes awake.


This is the my Wildlife-picture of 2018.