Terschelling - Landscape

This pictures stands for an very very awesome Moment at our time in the Nature reserve "The Boschplaat". We arrived with our Bikes at the Beach on the Northside of the Island. Here the stormy and rough weather of the North Sea in Autumn is so true an real. 


Suddenly above the Sea heavy Clouds appeared und getting bigger and bigger. The wind suddenly became more aggressive an stronger. On the way back to our Bikes I took this Picture of

"The Storm above the Northsea". 



While we tried to escape from the Storm I had to stop to take a picture of the upcoming storm. This was simply the Moment when I realized that a will become so wet. :O


With my bike in the foreground, the road as a line an the awesome Clouds above, this one become one of my favorite Capture in the year 2018. 


At the evening of this Day we followed the Coast in search of a good Position to photograph the sundown. On a small bay we took a rest. 

This little bay is was in the past part of the sea. Now the most time of the year it is dry an full of life. Many Birds are in search of food in the salty little puddles and between the grass. 


With my Smartphone I checked where the sun will go down. I hoped to catch an awesome Moment. 


A few Minutes later another local Photographer joined our little Party. He told us about another beautiful places like this a few kilometers down the coast. He comes to this place for a long time and loves the climate und the nature here.


Luckily the sun goes down without any clouds in front and wrapped the scenery in this beautiful and awesome light for a few seconds. 

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