The Train - Behind the Picture

I think that every Photographer has pictures, which are something special for him. The one is one of these for me. 

The Story behind this capture is that I'm so lucky that a idea works like in my mind. 

A few days before I was standing on a road bridge looking down to a little valley where the biggest river in my hometown take its way. At this position an old train bridge is crossing this river. Suddenly I saw the scenery right in front of me, that the scene with straight lines, the river in the middle and the reflexion of the Train would be such a nice capture!

At the evening the next day I took my camera, the tripod and my wideangle down to the valley. I studied the plan for the trains to get there at the right time. My hope was, that I would hear the train coming so I will have enough time to press the trigger of my camera. What I didn't expect, that the sun goes so fast down! A few minutes later I was sitting there in the dark. But I wanted this picture so hard! suddenly I heard the sound of the upcoming train, fast I changed a few settings of my camera and pressed the trigger. 20 seconds of exposure @f5.6 and ISO of 400 this scene was captured by the sensor.